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September 2, 2005



I got the trim & kitchen door off in one, trimmed the door to FIT and rehung it.The stair "carpet" was a wee bit wide, but turned out not too bad; wish I'd found the ribbon before I had to install the left wall, it would have made the carpeting easier, but then I'd have gotten spackle on it & THAT wouldn't have come off! The red leather will work nicely. I had to piece the snug's windowseat, but it doesn't show. Somewhere I have some narrow braid to hide the jaggedy edge of the leather, even with a steel straight-edge & Stanley knife the leather stretches a tad while being cut.I prepped the roof for shingling by taking spackle on my finger & smoothing it all around the rough plywood edges of the roof. When it was dry I painted it black.blog-241-1126378756_thumb.jpgIt will take me a couple of days to make the "slates", I'll blog how I did it when I see how/ if they turn out.complements of havanaholly


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