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The windows are hung!I readjusted the door to the bathroom and rehung it; I'm still trying to prise off the trim around the kitchen door to fix it. I've masked around the inside of the right bay to finish spackling "stucco" in there and when it's dry I'm going to cut a piece of the wallpaper I used on the floor to do the window ledge. I need to make a pattern for shelves for under the right front window in the kitchen.If the woven red ribbon I bought isn't too wide I'll carpet the stairs tonight. I found a red leather ball cap at the Goodwill that will upholster the two window seats and however far it will go after that.Last night I touched up the chimney with more drybrushing white with a touch of black; DH said, "Oh, now it looks like stone." Hurrah! B) complements of havanaholly


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