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Arthur Dollhouse Kit finishing touches




Arthur Dollhouse Kit originally posted 6/1/05

I spent the morning making bathroom fixtures out of seashells, I'm thinking of crocheting a shell-stitch curtain for the rectangular window.

The bathtub is a large half a bivalve shell with barnacle "feet" and a 3-pointed clear beadfor a water tap, with a tiny amber seedbead for the tap top.

The lavatory is pure whimsy, I had a really neat cluster of barnacles with all sorts of holes & angles, I sanded the bottom smooth to glue it to half a bivalve shel for a base. The basin is a different kind of shell (I used to know them, now I just gather them) glued into the hole where two barnacles grew out of each other. I made a tap like the one on the tub.

The commode was the most fun, though, and fitting different shells together is how I thought of doing shell bathroom fixtures in the first place. The bowl & lid are a pair of bivalve shells with the bottom of the bowl glued to the opening of a seasnail shell; where the hole is that the starfish made to get at the snail got sanded flat & is glued to the wall. I gilded a coffee-stirrer straw & glued one end into another snailshell and glued the whole apparatus to the wall behind the commode for the tank. I couldn't find any chain so I crocheted a pull-cord for the flusher, complete with bead & tassel.

blog-13-1125600285_thumb.jpg blog-13-1127995982_thumb.jpg

complements of havanaholly



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Heyyyyy Holly,

I finally made it here, with your good directions of course :) I like the beginning of this room, I can't wait for the finish. Where did you get the wall paper from? The seashell decorations sound interesting, keep us posted of course. :)

dee in hot smyrna near atlanta

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