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I began by hanging the front door


and then the windows.

Remember the care I suggested taking with the window frame pieces, because it goes double for the window surround trim. In order to remove the trim sheets from the plywood there is a minimum width the pieces can be die-cut. In order for the windows to hang and be able to open & close the surround trim must be cut down by 1/3 (3/8" to 1/4") from the inner edge. For me this involves combined whittling and sanding.

The front doorway also required some minor surgery, as did the door, but the fit is good & the door works. I'll have to go back and try to take out the interior doors and trim them and rehang them; difficult, if not impossible because I did such a bang-up job hanging them the first time (but they don't quite fit because I hadn't fought the front-door fight).


One of the challenges to shaving that 1/8" is that the frame pieces are die-cut, and that means that for two elements that go with the grain, there is one element that goes across the grain of the plywood (there are three plies to 1/8" plywood and both the top & bottom pieces' grains run the same way). While it wasn't a huge problem with the vertically-oriented windows, that poor little horizontal window in the right front gable that I had to rehinge has the trim cut the same direction as all the other window trims. While this looks nice on the schematics sheet and I'm sure laid out well for the die-cutters, when it needs to be trimmed down so much there is obviously a risk of breakage, and mine broke as I was whittling the last little bit. Fortunately plywood also mends easily, especially when the breakage is offset (in my case by nearly a half-inch B) ) so I will probably be able to sand off the remaining protrusion where I was whittling when it broke.

I would suggest making all the trim pieces the correct internal dimensions and not having to trim any excess, or at least have it trim off the outer edges (and I could've done it on the belt-sander...).

I have installed the left wall windows and they look pretty good. Instead of the little brass handles I used on all the other casements I made knobs on these, using 1/2'" nails and brass beads. I also hung the windows in the upper right wall & in the right bay.


I suspect this part is going to take the longest, especially if I can coax the interior door surrounding trim off to shave the doors a bit more and rehang them.


I thought I was adding to the blog & I'm into a possible thriller (well, maybe not to the reader...).

comlements of havanaholly


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