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Working With Gables And Newspaper Wallpaper



Thursday 5/21/15


I've completed the main gable over the front of the Orchid. I had a bit of an issue figuring out the alignment of the gable because I tend to invert things and of course I don't follow direction very well but I did get it to work out.


I'm thinking of papering one attic room with newspapers, I found a free printie site with 1:12 scale newspapers and now I just need to find paper that will work as newsprint and print them out. I'm thinking of aging the paper with a weak tea solution.


I'm not progressing fast, but I'm not in a huge hurry either. Just letting the house speak to me and tell me it's tale.


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Maybe just an ivory paper would give you the aged look without as much trouble. As long as it's acid free, you should be good.

I'm glad there isn't a time schedule. It would be far too stressful if that was the case.

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Hi, your plan to wallpaper with newspaper is marvelous! I would like to try to wallpaper a small attic in similar way. Am having a hard time finding 'newspaper' wallpaper for sale at all and then -the two I found were repetitive and not what I want (Sinking of Titanic repeated over an over). I've been looking at newspaper walls in pictures of old Appalachia houses and want to mimic that. Would you share the printie site that you mentioned?  thank you! Elizabeth

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