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Sunday 4/26/15

It's been over a year since I've really thought about working with my miniatures or my Orchid. My mother passed away on 4/4/15 after a long battle with Congestive Heart Failure. She would ask me once in a while "How's your doll house coming?" and would ooh and ahh over my ideas and when I showed her some little things I had tucked away for when I could build. I never had time for me, taking care of her so I would just answer, "I'll work on it soon." The time has come now that I can work on it and I'll be thinking of my mother as I build this.

So yesterday I took out the box and began to work on the Orchid.

Since this is my first build, I'm building it as directed so that I can learn the basic set up. I was able to cut out the windows using this a DeWALT folding retractable utility knife.

I did struggle on some of the cutting as the windows were not popping out. But I got them out. There were some areas that had split and some pieces were missing little areas of wood so first I glued the areas that needed it with gorilla glue and C clamped them and let them dry. Then I filled in the missing areas with some wood putty and patching plaster. Those are drying now and when they're dried I'll sand them.

I'm still reading the forums on how others built their Orchid and I'm still tossing ideas around.

The story that this Orchid is telling is of a woman that has lost a child and many other in her life and is now alone and has delved deep into spiritualism and the occult in her efforts to contact the other side. Morbid for some I suppose but for me, it's what this Orchid is going to become.



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