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Day 1 - Getting everything ready to GO!




blog-0336412001419926907.jpgWell, I have spent a month or more getting ready to start my Greenleaf Pierce! By the time it got to 27th Dec - my 'D' day, I was starting to procrastinate because I became terrified of starting! After creating my workspace yesterday - hubby having bought me a 10 drawer metal file cabinet and he cut a good heavy board on which to build the house - today really was the day! After feeding various people's cats (it's summer holidays here) and putting away all the Christmas decorations I finally opened the box and started my Pierce. Okay - so I didn't get very far. I have the base gluing and have cut out, sanded and primed most of the foundation pieces. Unfortunately I have Fibromyalgia which is a pain condition. After the busy-ness of Christmas and Boxing days, my hands, wrists all the way up to my shoulders were more painful than ever. So while it was good that I waited till today, the pain now after cutting just those few pieces is quite severe. Never mind, I'm picking that as I go on things will take longer to decorate or put together and the time between cutting will become longer.

The other thing to note is that I have started a new Facebook page called 'Melody of Miniatures'. Feel free to pop by and say hello! It is essentially a page that I will blog and keep a track of websites I've bought from, techniques I've tried and bits and bobs used etc. My daughter is also going to contribute and it is our intention to share knowledge we have gained through this forum and our own tried and tested ways of doing things.



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Just realized you had started a blog here. I go in fits and starts of remembering to check in this section. Congrats on getting it set up and going. Fibro is the pits at times. We have several members that struggle with it and we commiserate from time to time about it. Try not to let it stop us but sometimes have to let things wait on account of it. Good luck with your new build.

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And that is an understatement in my life - taking longer than you plan. My head has at least a trillion ideas but my family, body and commitments really cut into the possibility of ever getting much done. sigh ....

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Well I was getting ready to come out and have a day of painting but now hubby is saying I should have used a different primer and I should do this and that....blah de blah.  While I appreciate his imput - he is after all and engineer and a perfectionist, by the same token I wish he'd said something earlier!  And yes - totally agree with you!

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