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Building The Chrysnbon Cook Stove




blog-0189572001388785785.jpgFriday January 3rd 2014

Today I worked on the Chrysnbon stove I purchased off of Ebay. I loved this stove the minute I saw it and figured it would be an easy build since I have had model building experience putting together models since I was about 8.

So while I had the spare time, I gathered the stove kit, my exacto blade kit, my Tamiya cement (I can't say enough great things about this cement, I love it) and a mug of coffee.

Three hours later, most of it is done. I'm a perfectionist and I won't hurry any model building I do. The stove is drying, the feet need to go on and I'll snap a photo later and talk more in depth on the stove, and it's importance to me in this dollhouse.

But in the mean time, I'm loving the Chrysnbon kit. I have 4 more on the way. Let the modeling happy times begin!



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