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Creating A Studio Space For The Orchid




December 30th 2013.

For Christmas I received an Orchid Dollhouse. To say I'm really excited is an understatement. This is something I've wanted forever. When it came to me, finally after what seemed like a forever wait, I spent a long time just looking at the box and thinking of the possibilities.

The first thing that came to mind is "I want to create a haunted house." Not with Casper type ghosts but one with a history. So haunted it shall be. What to name it, I'm not sure yet. But I have an idea.

So I placed the house under the Christmas tree to wait for a time I would have with no rushing to open it up.

The first thing I would need would be studio space to work on the house. We have two extra rooms that aren't being used on the second floor and I've decided to take one over as my miniature studio. Since I was little I've enjoyed working with models and I'm excited to be able to visit that hobby again. This time working with miniatures and having the space to do it in.

I also received a boat load of Sculpey clay for Christmas, so that opened up a lot of possibilities too. Hello miniature food, another extreme interest of mine.

The studio space is purple, with a built in cabinet that I can store craft items in. It's perfect. It has a South Western exposure with beautiful sunlight that pours in from about noon onward.

I'm lugging down a huge kitchen table that was stored on our third floor, and I need to find more storage bins for my clays, paints, tools and stuff. It should be fun arranging all of this. It's probably going to start in the Spring, as the second floor studio area is not heated, and I don't want to work in 48 degree temps!

In the meantime, I have purchased a few Chrysnbon kits. And I need to get photos organized of my purchases so that I can see what I have.

My newest purchase is a work lamp, that has a magnifying glass for my old eyes!

The world of miniatures is a creative path I'm on that's for sure, and one that I've been wanting to travel on forever.



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