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After last night's entry I took the card templates & colored sandpaper sheets, steel ruler, pencil & fine-point pen downstairs to the diningroom table & for two & a half hours I drew grout lines on the templates 1/4" apart and then I marked 3/16" intervals down the sides & 5/8" intervals across the ends of the four sandpaper sheets and when I got out my lovely transparent ruler to connect the interval marks I discovered it has pica & half-pica markings!!! (a pica is 1/6") Mumble, mumble, MUMBLE, mumble some more, too late, the grout marks were set for the smaller dimensions, I had already marked four 8 1/2"x11" sheets of sandpaper, it was for half-timber infill, not a Georgian mansion, and it was 2300 EDT (meaning at that time of night I wasn't going to redo it all).Today I have begun to glue the courses and it looks nice. It will probably take me until tomorrow or the next day to finish; we have noticed since we got back our refrigerator exhibiting symptoms it wants to die... Today we ran errands that included trips to the major appliance stores to research features, prices & specs.I did get the left gable left roof on this morning without incident, the tape & glue & staple job has held.complements of havanaholly


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