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My Little Worlds




I used to build dollhouses and create worlds for them. Decides the place and time period, name the dolls, decide what relation they all are to each other, imagine what their lives would be like, and determine what kinds of 'personalities' they have.

But lately, I have not been creating worlds, but rather REcreating worlds. I am ecstatic that i was able to build Ariel's Grotto to my own satisfaction because that part in The Little mermaid always made me so happy. Imagine having a secret place of your own where you could just enjoy all your collected treasures, sing to your hert's desire, and indulge all your dreams and fantasies.

Likewise, I have also built re-creations of Charlotte's Web, Laura INgalls Wilder's stories, a Harry Potter inspired house.. .my current project is the quaint book shop in Beauty and the Beast where Belle goes during the opening song. Similar to my creating Ariel's Grotto, I am making it because it allows me to take an active part in a moment which always makes me happy. I love the way belle is so excited to get a new book, and the passionate way which she speaks about reading; the part where she glides on the rolling ladder across the bookshelf captures the way I feel about being a librarian and helping children find the books they love.

I am already thinking about which 'world' I'd like to recreate next. . .and I just looked up instructions for how to make stone garden walls, so there's a hint. ;)

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The Secret Garden? :)

I do the same thing with my houses. I create the family and a life for them and then I love to model the home around them.

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