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Extended Floor and Shows



Once again, one of the chimney chases is interfering with other rooms. It worked well with the kitchen floorplan, but has caused such a narrow passage within the 2nd floor bathroom that I had to extend the length of the house by about 2 inches.


Adding the extra floor space was easy for the floor itself, but I will have to extend the decks above it. The attic will also need to be extended. One of my kids unlocked my workshop a couple of weeks ago and all but demolished the attic, so it was going to need extensive repairs anyway. After sorting out the pile of broken rafters I was able to determine that the pile was more like a stack of disassembled sections with moderate damage as opposed to hundreds of rafters broken into thousands of little pieces. It will add work to an already tight building schedule, but I think I can get it done by next April.

April is the deadline because I was accepted into Tom Bishop's Chicago International Miniature Show again. My only disappointment is that I will only have the Tudor house at the show. I won't have time to repair the Sweetwater Branch Inn, so it will stay in Florida.

On the upside, I was able to make a quick trip to Ron's Miniature's in Orlando recently and found an oven range for the kitchen. It isn't lit yet, but will be soon. I picked up hardware for the tub and a desk for the library too. It was a most successful shopping trip.



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