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Reading over the blogs I realized I forgot to enter my blog for August 16, when I got a "rest" day between kayak paddling while we were at Lake Point State Park in AL. Joy of joys, the beams stayed where I had put them!


Then I realized I needed to paint the underside of the roof pieces, since that will be the upstairs ceiling; oops.


Finally I masked all the timbering lines on the upstairs walls to be half-timbered and spackled over the tape; when the spackle was tacky I pulled off the tape, and when it was completely dry it was ready to stow under the bed again for the trip home. I learned that trick from working with Magic Systems.


We got home Thursday & finally got the house out from under the camper bed yesterday, so I set up the workroom & got out the craftsticks


to use for the wainscotting because I figured it had better go in before the roof goes on, which is next in the instructions.

I went ahead and finished installing door hardware & hung the interior doors. I could clamp the upstairs door trim on top & side & I used masking tape on the hinge side of the trim and it held until cured. Downstairs I could only clamp in one place so I used LOTS of masking tape on the other.


I used 1/4" wide craft sticks and cut them down to 3" long. My sweet DH let me get the EZ Cutter from Micro Mark and what a good cutting job it did! I laid the cut pieces along strips of masking tape with the ends even and when the rows fit the length of wall I wrote which section of wall they were to go on and I laid the strips on a piece of waxed paper and stained them.


When they were dry I took a fresh, longer strip masking tape and laid it across the front of the row, turned it over and took the old masking tape strip off and liberally applied wood glue to the back of the strip, laid the masking tape side down on the floor touching the wall it was to cover and carefully lifted it into position and used the ends of the masking tape strip to hold the row in place until dry.

blog-241-1125281533_thumb.jpg blog-241-1125281710_thumb.jpg

The short sections I did to see how the method worked look good. I'll have some touchup to do with the stain and then the better spackle where the sorrier stuff just didn't cover.


complements of havanaholly


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