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As almost everyone knows, both of my houses and the castle were damaged by a 19 year-old kid driving in the dark without lights and running people off the road collided with the trailer.

If I decide to repair the B&B it will cost a bundle and take at least a month to rebuild the entire foundation and 1st floor deck. If any of the main house structure needs work (besides replacing the French doors) it will take even longer.

Most of the Tudor's damage was to the framing and base trim. Still, it will take time and money I'd rather spend on building the rest of the house.

I would post pics of the houses and damage, but GL won't allow me to post new pics here either, so I guess my gallery is done and the blog will be a "read only" offering.

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Oh, Jeremy ... the damage was worse than I thought. How awful! I hope that ignorant kid gets the book thrown at him. I'm sure easy photo posting will resume soon.

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Jeremy, I am so sorry to hear about the damage on both of your houses. I can't imagine how frustrating that must be. I'm glad they weren't completely lost, as they are certainly worth repairing.

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