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Kitchens & Attics

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I've been working on attic, kitchen and living room simultaneously over the past month. Building a removable roof has made the project feel more like two builds.

The East half of the attic is paneled and ready for wall dressing. The flooring is in the entire attic and ready for glosscoat (when it stops raining), and the first wall panel for the 3rd floor turret is cut and ready to install.

The Kitchen walls are covered, but still need wiring before I can install cabinets. Cabinets that I have designed, but aren't built yet. I think I have a 50/50 chance of making them house worthy. If I fail after a couple of attempts I'll shop around for a good cabinet set I can modify to fit the room. Its wishful thinking, but I would like to have the kitchen 75 - 90% finished in time for Tom Bishop's Chicago International Show in April.

The living room is very close to ready for installation. The East wall needs a few more pieces of base board, wiring and the entry ways dressed. The NW side of the room needs base boards and glosscoat (possibly ready by tonight), and I'm putting the finishing touches on the Southeast door leading out to the driveway. The door isn't excessivly fancy, but it will have over 90 hand-cut parts once finished.

I still haven't heard from my sponsor for Chicago International. Without their support the trip won't happen. What's more disturbing is the fact that I've already committed to Mr. Bishop that I would be there. If I don't get the funding I will most likely not have enough funds to get there and will never get invited back if I'm a no-show. I'd hate to spend what little saving I have left to get there only to return with both houses unsold.

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I haven't been on here in a while and wanted to see your progress. Your house is really coming along. Hope you get your funding and sell a house or two in Chicago. :) Your work ought to be published in one of the miniature magazines! It's some of the best I've ever seen.

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Thanks Debbie!

The funding didn't come through, but I'm going anyway. To ask Tom Bishop to let me into the show and then cancel would make getting into next year's show highly unlikely, so I'm spending my savings to get up there. I'll have all three minis (I'm taking the castle too) at the show, so I should be able to sell something.

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