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the last exterior wall



i am finishing up the last exterior wall now, and it was a hard one. in the plans, this was a bare wall, nothing on it, except some optional windows, if you wanted to put them in. BORING!!!!! so, i got a little creative. i used 8" sonotube to make the wall. sonotube is a round heavy cardboard tube used as a form to pour round concrete pillars, and it comes in a lot of different diameters. it's 1/8" thick, so i had to glue 4 pieces together to make it the same thickness as my walls. then it got tough, making all the round trim and so on. i bent the wood, using steam, but had a lot of trouble since the diameter was so small, but i finally got it how i want it. i made my posts, and put it all together. still debating on the plain band just below the roof, i might add some kind of detail there, not sure yet. also, one of the pics has a color painted on the front of the house, i am thinking of that color as my main body color.




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