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2 Years Down

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A little over a week ago I hit the 2 year mark since starting the Tudor house. I have all of the framing completed, the basement finished and the chimneys built up to the start of the caps. The utility building is lacking one window and the two entry ways need doors, but aside from that it is complete. The driveway is installed (still needs paint & mortar) and 80% of the yard is themed.

Unfortunately I'm still about 4 years away from completing this project. Except for the kitchen details and the library books/shelves, I know what to expect from this point on (a padded room and happy pills).

The past couple of weeks I've been working on the driveway. The "stones" have been carved out and the surfaces roughed up to feel like hewn rock, and the soldier rows have been cut out. The four panels making up the driveway have been assembled and the seams have been filled. Tomorrow (10/12/2010) I'll paint the base coat and begin assembling bricks for the walkway between the West entrance and the utility building. The rest of the paint work will be completed by the end of the week. Completion and installation of the utility building will be next on the schedule.

My wife is having minor surgery next week, so work will slow down for a week or two after that.

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