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Utility Building

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I wasn't planning on finishing the utility building until after the main house was 1/2 completed, but I have been excited for some time about this part of the build. That and it seemed like a good time to start on it, so I did! Not only will the framing be exposed from the interior, but I get to experiment with some techniques I haven't used before. Laying bricks without attaching them to a wood form is something I haven't needed to do until now and I'm currently working on that part of the project. The exposed framing timbers against a brick wall should have a neat effect. I also utilized 1/8" aluminum pipes for electrical conduit, so the wires aren't exposed and the pipes add to the realism. The last major step for the building will be the hinged wall. Making it fit without affecting the overall appearance of the house's exterior will be a challenge. After the utility building is finished (hopefully by the end of August) I will start finishing the interior of the attic.

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Thanks Linda!

I also like the "construction site" feel of the builds. Ultimately this construction method assists with the hard-wiring of the house, so its worth the extra work.

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What a great idea to leave some of the framing exposed! It will add to the realism of your house and besides it seems a shame to cover up all of it.

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