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Next Phase

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After nearly two years of masonry and framing, I'm almost at the point of building out the interior rooms (and possible insanity). I have a small supply of wood sheets needed to cover walls, ceilings and floors. I also have about 2,000 bricks for the extra building across the driveway, but I have a lot of work to do before reaching that stage in construction.

My wife's suggestion of putting a room in the turret's roof is a neat idea, but it will add months of extra work to the construction schedule. Not only do I need to build an attic staircase, but it will need to fold up and blend into the ceiling. I'll also have to ad a couple of dormers to a curved roof (as if dormers on an angled roof wasn't difficult enough).

Another decision I have to make is on the design for the fireplace mantles. I'm thinking of a complex design with a faux white marble finish, but I also want to implement tile work into it like I did with the B&B. I wish I had some concept sketches to show, but the pace of construction has left me with little time to put anything on paper. If I get back on schedule I'll have the 1st floor interior finished by this time next year, but I'm probably going to finish the attic first. The woodframing allows for a lot of electrical outlets and lights, but it also flexes a bit too much until it is covered with wood panels, so I don't want to wait too long for that. I also saw an amazing floor pattern in a sketch online that I would like to use, but the only space left is in the attic. I wasn't planning to parquet the attic too, but I just might have to do at least one room. Until I get the finished framing shots next week, here are a few I haven't put in my gallery.

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That second picture really shows just how huge this house really is.

I love how the pitch of the roof is different in the back of the house, that will make for better access to the attic rooms.

I really love the design of this house, I wouldn't be surprised if someone copied your mini design for their real house.

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