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Kit Ordered. Paint Purchased.



Alright, I ordered my kit yesterday, and they shipped it yesterday. I expect it to arrive hopefully Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, I have gathered copious amounts of sandpaper, my paint, wood filler, and glue. I also got some wallpaper. I'm probably jumping the gun on that one, but hey, that's okay! :banana: So, I am all ready to be scared, intimidated, frightened, and ready to pee myself when it gets here. :banana:

Here is a picture of the actual Victorian home's color scheme that I plan to use on my pint-sized property! :ohyeah:


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I'm excited on your behalf!

I'm curious to how you plan on painting/wallpapering...? I've recently started to continue The Pierce, which my folks started on 28 years ago... The instructions recommend preparing walls before assembly, but I can't make up my mind... Any thoughts appreciated!

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