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Easy Stucco Treatment



A cheap and extremely easy method for applying a stucco look to your miniature exteriors.

This method works well on Greenleaf and other plywood surfaces as well as the pine used for by Houseworks such as the facades on the street of shops. It has not been tested on MDF or other surfaces. It may be beneficial to rough up smoother surfaces with a utility knife or some high grit sandpaper.

I used the Simple Fix brand Premixed Adhesive & Grout. A quart runs you about 8$ at Home Depot and depending on the size of the area you are covering it should last a long time. It comes in a few colors, White, alabaster (off white) and gray. Be sure that the grout you get is the same as pictured below--BOTH Adhesive AND Grout!


First thing to do is cover your workstation! Put down newspapers, an old sheet or tablecloth because it makes cleanup really easy! For plywood houses like Greenleaf, Corona, Artply, Duracraft, etc... you will not need to prepare the surface in any way. Working in small sections, start by spreading some of the grout onto the surface with a pallet knife, your fingers or whatever you have on hand. Spread it around like you were icing a cake or buttering bread with about 1/4" thickness. Once the grout is in place you can use a stiff brush or even your finger to pounce the grout, giving it texture as desired. Once you're finished spray your creation with clear sealer. I like a matte finish but you can choose the gloss you prefer best.


I used the alabaster colored grout on my Pizzeria because I didnt want the final effect to look stark white.


If it's necessary to color your stucco, the grout can be painted with a brush after it is dried and sprayed with a clear sealer or you can spray paint it. If you paint it with a brush you might wish to respray it with the sealer.


For my Loganberry Mill I used a sponge brush to work blue paint into all the nooks and crannies. Once it was done I felt the blue was too solid looking so I went back with some cream colored paint and swirled it around with a regular small bristle brush using a dry brush effect.


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I cant open pictures. What im looking to do is plaster walls inside minature house. Two questions. 1 will this work? 2 can i still add outlits after or will i have to to attach them first.? 

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