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Claudias castle and a tut idea ?



I finished the castle and obviously I have not gotten any better at the whole blog thing. I was never much for the computer and sitting and writin etc. I just want to get up and work on things but really this might be a nice place to jot thoughts down.

I haev been asked by a friend of mine to make a tutorial on aging techniques I have learned from the forum, reading and just playing. I am nervous about that, plus I have been working on miniatures for only three years , sooo what do I have to teach anyone ? lol

I guess my ideas come from reading old books on miniatures from the 60's and 70's because I don't always have a lot of money so what I can't make I have to figure out HOW to make ....how ever says war is the mother of invention !! I think poverty is lol.

Here is Claudia's castle :

and the aged Gris Gris house


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I think you're right, it seems like the less you have to spend the more original the work becomes. :p I'm looking forward to your tutorial, you did such a fabulous job aging your Gris house. This sight is full of great ideas for us newbies!

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Thanks so much ! I will get to work on the tut as soon as I can , I am trying to air out the ideas lol, it's hard to get my mind together I am nervous lol.

I think we are all newbies, I learn something new about miniatures every day , there is just so much that can be done and added and thought of ! Truly a habit and a lifestyle that never ends to amaze me, the mini life lol.

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