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A few pics of Mr Adams




We'll instead of a Broomerie, there is a seaside cottage, it is inhabited by a single fella' who is a sucker for animals in all shapes and forms, has a few living with him and take in what ever animal needs help. Right now he has a frog who needed some attention that he made a small home for, the doggies are right at home and there is a kitty or two living in the vincinty that comes round when they feel like it. I think Marw the Mole enjoys the garden as well and if I am not misstaken a seagull has taken residence up at the roof top.

Oh well, the things these houses tell us huh???

It has been a truly enjoyable experience building this, I added a little to the second storey so that it is full height and then the roof back piece is what I used for the crawl space attic, still lots to do on the interior, but the exterior is mainly together. FUN!



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