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Miniature Raincoat Tutorial



Make a miniature raincoat from a household rubber glove.


Have you ever needed a mini raincoat for your lighthouse scene, firehouse scene, or any other nautical scene but haven't been able to find one? Well now you can make one in a matter of a few hours with supplies you probably have on hand!


This tutorial will show you how to make a miniature raincoat from an ordinary household rubber glove. The supplies you need are:

Household rubber glove - (only one, preferably the right hand, but either hand will work. It is recommended that you have a pair on hand in case you mess up the first one. I used "one size fits all" but a large would do. You can use any size glove, depending on how large or small you want the raincoat to be.

You can also use a different color glove other then the standard yellow to make different color raincoats. I've seen gloves in pink, green and blue.

White Glue - Aleene's Tacky Glue or Elmer's Glue

Scissors - A sharp pair of regular scissors. (ever try cutting a rubber glove with dull scissors?)

(Optional) Small Beads or Bra Hooks - These are optional to use as buttons or hooks for the front of the raincoat. You can also use black paint if you prefer.

Table of Contents:


The raincoat will be made using the first, second and third finger of the glove. The thumb and pinky finger of the glove will be eventually cut off. The first and third finger form the left and right arm while the middle finger forms the hood.

This tutorial uses a left handed glove but the instructions are the same regardless of what hand glove you are using.

Step 1: Cut Up Glove


Cut bottom half of the glove, about 1 inch below where the thumb begins. It's better to leave more space below the thumb then not enough space, you can always trim it later. Save the piece you just cut off for making pockets.


Next, cut the tip of the index and ring finger


Next, cut off the tip of the thumb then cut down the middle of the thumb to open the glove as shown. Cut the tip of the middle finger off, about 1" from the top. Save the tip, this will form the hood. You can always trim it later if the hood is too long.


Join the edges of the glove where you just cut open the thumb. Make sure the edges are even (you can tape them with masking tape if necessary). Then, cut down the middle of the glove, but do not cut through the middle finger.


Cut off the pinky finger then cut open the side under where the pinky finger was.

The next blog entry will proceed onto Step 2.


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