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Minis On The Edge



I used a mixture of hard wire and tape wire to light up this house. Because this house is flat back and will hang on the wall, I fed all of the wires to the back of the house by clipping off the plugs and feeding it through holes I drilled into the back of the house.. After that, I added a 11" strip of tape wire and took the plastic cover off of the tape wire. I then took the wire, and split the two wires about half inch down and then added one side on each side of the tape. Do not let the two exposed hardwire touch each other when you lay them down. I then took some masking tape and tacked it in place so that I could do all of the wires this way. Once all wires were added, I then took my soldering iron out to heat it and while it was heating, I added soldering flux (just a little touch) to the exposed wires (All of them) so that the solder will adhear to the wires to the tape wire. After that, I add some solder to the tip of my soldering iron and then to the exposed wired to affix it together. I do this to all exposed wires. Here are the pictures to help you with the visual side of it.

After that, you can remove the little pieces of masking tape you use to help tack down the wires and keep them in place while you solder them in.



After that, I taped down all of the loose wires and labeled which room each wire it for. You can also add more lights & outlets to this later on if you like.


To see more tips on the tools I used, go to this blog entry: Electrifying tips

I then added the Junction Splice and put one prong on each side of the tape wire. Then you add your transformer lead in wire and transformer and You have Electric!



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;) Oh my gosh-I have been wondering what to do about wiring and here you are. Thank you so much for sharing and ending my delima.


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Tracy, I read your McKinley article about wiring, and have learned so much! It prompted me to join the Greenleaf forum! I do have one question, not sure if your house was done this way. I have the old tape wiring in my Garfield house, am now adding additional lights from the outside using round wire. I have the terminal mounted on the outside of the base. I'd like to remove the original lead in, and connect from the terminal to the beginning of the old tape run, as well as having two new runs on the outside. Could you suggest the best way to make the connection fro terminal to tape?

I hope I'm not imposing by asking this! I'd appreciate any help!


Martha Lyle

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