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May 16, 2008

james dean


Hi all, this is my first entry I guess I'll start by introducing myself. I'm "james dean" and I'm from Texas and the reason I decided to buy a dollhouse is because after alot of research I thought that I would like to try my hand at building a dollhouse. I googled "dollhouses" and came across severall wonderful sites including the greenleaf website which led me to the greenleaf forum. I wanted a front opening house that was in a reasonable price, the dollhouse that caught my eye was the Alison Jr. I made the purchase in the Spring of '07. I started it in Sept. '07 and today the Alison Jr. is still a work in process.

The next Dollhouse in my collection is an Orchid that I'm building for my niece Lily. Lily is 2 yrs. old and loves "her" house so much. I haven't given it to her yet. She probably get it for her 3rd birthday ( if I ever finish that is). When she comes over she just has to go upstairs to play with the dollhouses (the Orchid and the Alison Jr.).

I have enjoyed taking part in the Spring Fling contest. I liked how I didn't have any restrictions ( no preconcived ideas, time periods,or eras) to keep in mind like with the Alison Jr. or the Orchid. I could just go with what came to mind. I made everything by hand which was new, but it taught me that I can create items that I need or want without spending alot of money. The things that I made are far from perfect, but it was I learning process that I'm sure will grow as I continue in the dollhouse hobby. I am also taking part in the HBS (miniatures.com) contest which is alot of fun. ;)

As for the other dollhouses in my collection right now, I have the village by Corona Concepts in 1/4 scale. I thought I would try to merge dollhouses with another one of my hobbies: purse making. I don't know if my idea will work but I wanted to see if I could make purses from the little dollhouses. I'll keep ya'll up to date on the progress of this endevor(sp?).


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