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1st floor staircase.

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I put wallpaper in the first floor foyer, on the wall where the staircase will sit:


This is card stock proper, and I like it much better than any of the thinner papers that I have used so far for my printable wallpaper. Don't know why I didn't try this in the first place!

The paper will have plenty of time to dry before I put the staircase in, because I still have plenty of wrangling to do. I don't really like the kit's railing design, so I got some extra staircase posts and stained 'em up. Here I am trying to arrange the posts, which is turning out to be an optimization problem, with post heights and resultant angles being the variables:


I have some of the posts glued down so far, but I think I want to move one or two around a bit... I fiddled around with some dowel for railing, but I think that I will try balsa and see where that takes me-- it will be more forgiving...

Not to mention that I haven't found a good ribbon for stair runner yet! I might get to that this week... It looks like it will be a while before this staircase actually gets installed...!



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So with the staircase, did you just trim off the top pieces and then add the posts? I like your design much better than the original staircase design. 

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