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Finishing the Madison

Color Me Holly



Below are exerts from my personal journal about my Minis and other hobbies. I only recently started to include my hobbies in the journal.


I need to finish this house and get it out of my way. I am pretty sure that I now have all the materials to finish it. First, I need to finish the shingles/asphalt roofing. Then I need to finish up the outside trim, fill in the gaps, sand and touch up the paint. I ruined the arch window acetate, so I need to cut a window from Plexiglas to replace it. I need to cut, trim and apply the stain glass decals that I made. I need to touch up the main house color. Paint and install the door and the interior door trim. The exposed edges also need to be covered up or done. My roof sprang a leak, again, but this time it was above the house and dripped on to the second floor carpet. I need to find away to get rid of the water stain. I think that this would finish up the house. At least I hope.


Sunday ~ 1/13

After playing Poker with my sister today, I can home and finished the shingles on the house. I also worked on the trim. I took a break to watch a movie while the newly painted pieces dried.

I suppose if I had any resolutions this year the would be to organize my hobby addiction. To organize my projects and only work on one at a time. There is a lot of chaos in my work room. I have reasoned that to end the chaos I must do one of two things: get it done or throw it all out. Since that latter is not likely to happen, I started to think that maybe a short list of things to do each day on each project might help me reach my goal. I came up with that idea last night. Todays goal was to finish the roof. Its done! The second was to work on the exterior trim.

I would say that 90% of the trim that came with the kit is done. I need to cut new trim because some of the trim from the kit was damaged when I opened it. I got some colonial moulding from Lowes to replace that. It needs to be cut, painted and installed.

Tomorrow's goals for Hobbies:

1. Cut and paint replacement trim

2. Cut and apply stain glass decals.

Monday ~ 1/14

My to-do list today included cleaning out my bedroom closet. This task expanded to the dresser, the rest of the room and the master bath cabinets. I threw out three bags of stuff we don't wear, use or haven't seen in a year. I didn't do any hobby stuff today, but I did get my regular routine done plus the extras that needed to be done. We'll see what happens with tomorrow.

Tuesday ~ 1/15

I seem to have caught yet another cold from work. Oh, yay. After the regular chores I painted some trim and cut out some of the faux stain glass. I did get some of them put on; I spent about 30 minutes on the project. I took some cold medicine and fell asleep till my bother called.


Wednesday ~ 1/16

I felt a little better today. I did get all the trim cut and installed plus all of the stain glass. I am not happy with how the one window turned out. Unless you run a finger over it it looks natural. It folded over on itself and stuck while I was smoothing on the top. Its ironic it was the last one I did: didn't have any problems with the others. I have the door glass to do but the door still needs painting. There is a little touch-up to do on the teal paint, but I will wait to do that until I touch up the purple. I also got the new arch window cut and installed. I started painting the dowels for the Apex trim, although I think I am going to touch-up the trim before I install those.


Tomorrows goal:

Finish painting the dowels and the door.

Touch up the purple paint and paint the wood edging.

Touch up the maroon paint.

Touch up the teal paint.

If the door is dry put it back together and install.

Thursday 1~17

Today on my dollhouse I finished the purple edge trimming, got the door painted, installed the dowels on the apex trim. Also, I fixed the corner on where I had the other gap. I guess I just kept forgetting about it. I also touched up the purple paint. All I need to do now is to touch up the teal and maroon. Glue the stairs back on since they got knocked off.

I guess tomorrow I will stand back and take not of what needs to be finished.

Friday 1~18

Toward the end of the day, I finally got around to finishing off the house. Its done; I think. I will make room for it on the shelf and look at it in a week to see what I forgot to do.





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