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almost finished storybook




Well, i think i'm now almost finished. I need to get the roof completed. I need to glue on the front door as well.

this is my witch/wizard shop. I don't have alot of supplies for it yet. I do have more stuff in the basement but wasnt' up to getting it out just to take photos.

Brickwork obviously isn't my thing. Also the colors are darker than the IRL but i was in a dark room with a flash. Overall the dollhouse looks better in person as well, but at least with the photos, you can get an idea of how the shop looks :ohyeah:

One of the things that bums me out tho is that i ended up repainting the exterior timbers twice after i got the first nice coat on it. The last coat i started coloring outside the lines and it shows. Wish i hadn't tried to experiment, it looked great with the first coat.


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Thank you for all the photos, Marg. I think the cottage is fantastic. I was sort of groaning whilst looking at the pics, as I see another kit coming my way!

I particularly like the interior (I always want to live in your houses, don't I?) - the floor is to die for. Is it done with Greenleaf tiles?

What don't you like about the brickwork? I think it's great - it tones well with the whole appearance - looks good to me.

great work :)


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It looks wonderful, Marg!! I love what you did with it. Comparing it to my Storybook, it is amazing they came from the same kit. Really great job!!

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Thanks you guys. :)

Jackie, the tiles are similar to what Dean sells. I got these tiles on ebay, i bought a large supply about 1 1/2 years ago. I am now out of this color. I still have some of the lighter colored tiles and one bag of a dark, almost slate/greenish color. I haven't used that color yet, forgot i had it actually and just found it in the basement a couple of weeks ago :) I was going to use them on this project but the color wasn't right....

I do have some of Deans tiles as well :)

My next project will look better with the dark tiles so i'll have to buy some more.

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Thanks Tracy :)

Thanks for the tips in the past about how to fog up a window...can't think of the word i'm looking for...frost?

Anyway, thanks also for the idea of using Corona siding strips. I tried that out a long time ago on a couple of my earlier houses...thanks to you suggesting it. I just forgot about doing it again until this building. Great idea! i'll be doing it again in my next building!

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