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My Mess

Color Me Holly



What have I been up to? Well, I did my first craft show. I sold 10% of my crafts I made for the show. For a first show it wasn't to bad. I have been working on the Madison and repairing the Tennyson. I set the Tennyson on the floor because I was out of table space. Dotty chewed part of it. Its repairable, but it is slow going. Its kinda like putting a Monsters, Inc. shredded door back together.

The Madison: I have been using Duck Brand outdoor tread tape to make asphalt shingles. Its a great way to ruin a pair of scissors. Its a good thing I have plenty of "evil" scissors for this project. The Madison kit was short exterior trim. I have used the trim to do the upper embellishments ( I still need to finish) and will use store bought trim for the bottom. I did use a wrong piece and need to clean off the glue. The next piece of trim is where I had the gap and will have to get creative with Spackle to fix the angle for the trim. I also must fix the paint job, it has acquired some scratches and crayon markings while sitting on the Kitchen table while my work table was being used by Mike to build his computer case.


I have been experimenting with making my own water slide decals. I did find a local source for the ink jet sheets for these. I did find out that clear sheets don't work well with dark colors. When I have time I have been practicing stroke painting in miniature. My technique is getting better, but it is still difficult. One thing I learn about minis is the same thing in 1:1 must be done differently for 1:12.

blogentry-19-1198280124_thumb.jpg blogentry-19-1198280137_thumb.jpgblogentry-19-1198280164_thumb.jpg

I participated in a Christmas swap(another forum) and received these lovely items. My recipient hasn't opened hers yet so I can't post a photo. blogentry-19-1198280171_thumb.jpg



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