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Color Me Holly



I have gotten a lot of work done on the Madison. All of the interior walls and floors are done. I have also painted some of the exterior architectural details painted. I did decide to use store bought picture frame moulding to replace the moulding that came with the kit. A lot of it is in bad shape, chipped, cracked and splintered. (Didn't know crap board, a.k.a. MDF, could splinter)

Now for the "grrr" part. When Alysia had dry fit the house it went together smoothly. Everything lined up, a perfect fit. She had glued part of the house together and then I finished the rest of the walls. I have one wall that had a 1/8" gap. Not a big deal, its easily taken care of with some filler, carpet and ceiling materials. So I proceeded to the roof doing another dry fit when I discovered I have 1/4" gaps where the two front gables are supposed to meet the roof. I went ahead and glued it with gorilla glue and left for work. I planned on filing the gaps with spackle and texturing the ceiling, still do. While working, it occurred to me that I could have cut off the existing wall tabs and nailed and glued the crap board roof into place and I wouldn't have had any gaps at all. And it would have been a lot less work.



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Your fabric wallpaper looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you glue it on? I'm afraid to try it, but i've seen some really pretty fabric that would look great. What do you use so the glue doesn't bleed thru? How do you get the fabric on straight? Do you have to fight it stretching?

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Thanks, Marg. I used modge podge matte. I also spray starched the fabric to give it some stability before applying it to the wall. What I did was apply one coat of modge to the wall the and applied all the fabric to the wall: working in about 5 inch sections. After it was all on I painted two more coats of modge podge to the fabric. When it was all dry I cut the excess and openings out.

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