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Fabric as Wallpaper

Color Me Holly



I started working on the Madsion. Alysia was originally building this house. She discovered it was to heavy and bulky for her to move around. I am using the paint colors that she had chosen for it. Its going to be purple with blue and green trim work. I have also removed the wall paper that she had put it. We don't have a mini store here and I haven't ordered a supply of wall paper yet I decided to use fabric as wallpaper. I have a huge stash of fabric. Some of it looks like the wallpapers in my catalogs. I have some pictures in my gallery.

To apply the fabric. I lightly starched the fabric, this was to give it some stability and to keep it from stretching to much when I applied it to the wall. I applied modge podge to the walls and then applied the fabric lightly rubbing it to get it to stick. I had rolled the fabric up to so I could unroll it as I worked in 5" sections (give or take). Then I applied two coats of modge podge going past the edge a bit. I was able to get a nice clean cut with my razor knife to trim off the extra.

On the first floor I cut the fabric a 1/2" longer than the walls. I used the the ceiling as my guide to apply fabric. So far, I like the results.



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