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The Residents of Brookwood Beach House Story



Lily is the woman who lives on Brookwood Beach. She and her husband built this beach house right on the ocean. Her husband, George, was a fisherman, so he wanted to be close to the sea. George passed away a few years ago. Although she misses him, she manages to stay busy with family and friends. Everyone always wants to visit her at the beach. She is very fortunate to have such a lovely view.

Her favorite visitors are her two granddaughters, Rose and Lavender. They are visiting today. Unfortunately it is a bit cold to go out and play on the beach which is really Lily’s front yard. But the girls are playing their favorite activity with Gram, dress-up. They all have to dress up in an outfit from the dress-up trunk and then they will go down to high tea, well actually lemonade and cookies, but they pretend it is high tea. Today Rose wants to wear the Kimono, and Lavender wants to be a bride. Rose is checking out the other outfits to make sure she is in the one she really wants.

The fire is burning while they play. They had gone for a long walk on the beach and came in from the cold. Lily started the fire to warm them all up. The three fireplaces always seem to heat the house well enough even in the winter.

This visit is extra special because the girls are sleeping over. The girls are very excited to be spending the night. Their parents are away at a wedding so Lily gets to enjoy them a little longer than usual. Their mother, Pansy, is Lily’s only child. It is a family tradition to name all the girls after flowers. The tradition began with Lily’s grandmother, Iris.

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