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Beacon Hill progress!!! sorry no photos yet



I made some good progress on the BH this weekend, wish I could work on it some, but this is my long week at work. My next day off is thursday, not sure what the upcoming week will hold since the new schedule still wasn't out when i left on friday.

Anyway, i got the main house paint color done. I need to touch up the boo boos i made on the cream color, then give the cream color (basically all the trim and porch posts) a couple of coats of paint. I'm hoping to get away with just one coat, but we'll see.

I completed all of the sanding of exterior trim!!!! I even glued some of it together. I'd say i'm about halfway finished with that. It's kinda hard for me, i try to read the instructions and it just becomes jibberish, so i'm trying to figure out how to do it with just pictures. I am confused however how i have less bay window parts than i should...i hope the cats didn't drag off a baggie and hide it somewhere. i'll figure it out another day. Another thing i had to figure out was which pieces are interior trim since i'll most likely stain those pieces and paint the exterior. It feels great to get to this point! This is a big house with a gazillion pieces and the most fun has been watching how flat pieces of plywood can form such an awesome looking house. I love the detailing, in other words, the trim work, it really makes it all come together. It was a bit overwhelming there for awhile, just knowing how much prep each piece would take. I guess it just comes down to doing a little at a time or the house will never get built.

Once i get all the window pieces glued together, i can paint paint paint!!!! then the most fun part will be putting it all together. i did a dry fit of the kitchen bay window...somehow it's not fitting....i anticipate a little craft knife work to get it to fit.

I haven't decided if i will use any of the exterior detailing that comes with the kit. i'll decide after i get the windows on. I hope to build this kit again in the future, so if i decide to not use all the trimwork on this house, i will do so next time.

well that's about all, just getting the sunday evening blues. i don't want to go to work tomorrow. i'd rather work on my BH!

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Oh Margarita isn't the Beacon so much fun! I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of the red with the cream color trim. I agree this house has a gazillion pieces and the instructions sometimes look like Greek to me..have to read them over and over and look at pictures before I understand. Also..yes I would rather be working on the BH then going to work that's for sure :)

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