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Exterior Stucco/Interior Joint compound




Wanted to try the Greenleaf stucco, but also wanted to try a short cut and mix the paint with the stucco--so the finish and paint would be done in one step. I think I mentioned earlier that I had bought some spray paint. Well, I tried spraying the paint into the stucco and that experiment was a bust. The paint wants to separate and not mix. Back to the drawing board--nothing ventured nothing gained. So another trip to the paint store, unfortunately without my paint sample--could've took the lid and probably made a perfect match--but didn't. Picked a color I thought was close to the Victorian Rose I like so well, NOT. Was fortunate though, this store now sells Porter Paints, but had some Benjamin Moore paint samples and I got 28 bottles for $1 a piece.

I can't remember what color the Porter Paint was that I bought, but it is much pinker than what I had bargained for, but I think DGD will love it. Mixed it with the stucco blogentry-70-1181405847_thumb.jpg Looks a lot like Strawberry Icecream doesn't it.

I first fit in my windows to mark off the edges and then taped that portion up in order not to have the windows sticking out but able to glue them flush to the wall.blogentry-70-1181406011_thumb.jpg

Using a 2 in. brush applied stucco to the walls.blogentry-70-1181406080_thumb.jpgblogentry-70-1181406097_thumb.jpg

The stucco is easy to apply, but I had a problem trying to decide if I wanted to try a design. Finally decided to softly stipple it.

For some reason I didn't take photos of my next step, which was to cover the kitchen and living room walls with joint compound. I was hoping it would give the walls a "dry-wall" look and give a smoother finish for painting. I thought painting would work for these rooms, and if the DGD wants wallpaper later we can do it then. Plus the joint compound helped cover up the tape wire. If you have never worked with joint compound, you may want to try it. It is easy to work with.

Once the rooms were covered and dry with the joint compound, they were painted. At this point I decided to try my electrical connection again to make sure no damage was done. Well, the lights quit working and no connection was being made anywhere. So here we go cutting wire to find the short. The short occurred on the 2nd story, had nothing to do with the compound or paint. So that is now fixed and it works again. Thanks Darrell, for instructions on how to test for a short and how to make new connections. Boy was I glad I did not have to take any out (except a small portion) on the first floor with the coverings.

I also painted the windows--the exterior with a cream color and the interior white. Then glued them in.

Here is where I stand right now on the house. Next step will be to put my chimney together and decide what type of fireplace I would like and putting the living room tiles on the template. After that, I will start on the second floor.


The kitchen walls are painted with Vermont slate and is darker looking in real life than the pictures show. The living room is painted with Nutmeg lightened with white.



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Awesome colors, Peggi. The kitchen SINGS! And I love the cream with the pink. That is such a "little girl" pink, too. Very pretty!

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