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A Little Progress




After transfering my templates to the larger sheets, I proceed to stick the tiles on the card and after about four rows, sat back to admire my work. It looked so good, the rows were straight, but something seemed a little off. Then it dawned on me--I had put my tiles on the bottom of the template and not the top. Everyone of the tiles had to come off, had to reinforce the card stock (the tiles stick real well) and replace them back on the sheet. Just call me the Queen of Do Over.


I decided that even though my template for the living room is ready; I would wait to put the tiles on and go on and glue the house together, so I could start thinking about how best to wire it. Since I knew I wanted to hang lights from the ceiling for the kitchen and living room, the first thing I did was dress the ceiling. Using joint compound and an old credit card to spread with, I smeared my ceiling. Now the look I was wanting was a stipple effect--didn't turn out quite as good as I had hoped, but it will do. The joint compound was easy to work with and I think where I messed up was putting glue on first. It really doesn't need it.blogentry-70-1180576326_thumb.jpgblogentry-70-1180576358_thumb.jpg

Trying to decide the best place to place the junction splice took a while. Me just sitting and staring at it and picking the house up and turning it this way and that, but finally decided to have easy access and put it on the back wall. blogentry-70-1180576488_thumb.jpg

The following pics show how the rest of the wiring was placed. BTW, if anyone does much wiring, I highly suggest buying from Earth and Tree the Connector Tool. I used this with the hollow eyelets and it saves so much time and aggrevation.blogentry-70-1180576646_thumb.jpg




DH wired in the two lights to the floor above and everything so far works.


Although, I'm not quite ready to install the stairs, I went ahead and put them together and painted them. Being very careful to mask the tabs so that the paint would not cause me any problems in fitting them in the slots.


One of the new things I want to try is using dollhouse stucco for the outside, since I had already bought some spray paint in Victorian Rose color that I love, and not really needing a quart of this color, I experimented today to see if you can spray the paint into the stucco mixture. Well, what did I say about Queen of Do Over--it will have to be done over. The spray paint doesn't seem to want to mix very well with the mixture. So back to the drawing board I will go. BTW, when deciding to vigorously shake the mixture to see if the paint will mix; make sure the top is securely on. I happen to be wearing a spotted shirt and have a more color in my hair than I've had in years. Luckily, I was outdoors near the water hose and have managed to rinse most of it off of my face.

Slow but sure, I'm making progress and I've got to say, as far as putting one together, this house has been a dream. I love the large rooms and the design.

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