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Exterior Painting of the Emerson Row

Ms. Mini





Well it has really been awhile since I updated my blog. And since I have been working on my E.R. again the past week I thought I should post some pictures and write a few things.

As you can see from the pics I have changed the color from a light green to "sunflower yellow" I am MUCH happier with this color and I think it compliments the house well. There is still one side of the E.R. that I need to put siding on, but I am going to be doing a paper clay stone chimney on the side so I need to complete that first.

I also changed the color of the paper glay stones that are on the gable. The darker greys just didnt seem to go well with yellow. so i used more softer tones.

I started to sand and paint some of the exterior window trims.. I have decided to go with a "antique white.

Well thats really it for now. Im hoping to finish the rest of the window trims this weekend. I'll post more pictures later :whistle:


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