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beacon hill siding



I managed to get more of the siding done today, it's more than halfway completed, i'll finish the siding up sometime this week. I took a bunch of pictures, but i'm going to go watch a movie now, so i'll post the pictures tomorrow. I love this house. I'd actually like to build it again someday.

I love the colors...burgundy and a creamy color :ohyeah: okay, here's a few pictures :blink: i'll post a bunch more tomorrow :p


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Oh Marg it's lovely. I can't wait to do mine, now!

I really like the kitchen extension & the extended porch; it looks like it was designed that way.

Thanks for the photos - you know we need them :wave:


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I forgot to ask what glue you'd used to stick the siding. Yours looks perfect, no warping & beautifully straight.

I think if I used my hot glue gun, the glue would be set before I'd had chance to adjust each piece. I used it for my shingles on the Orchid & I only had time to stick one shingle on at a time.

Love your shade of red, by the way; it's very rich looking.


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