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Lights, Curtains, Action!

Minis On The Edge



You can see how the dining room is tuning out. Henry, called in sick so his father is here helping me today. We added the 1st floor lights and the dinning room curtains


Well, After Henry got the call from his father, he decided to come to work and Henry is up and working full force tonight! First, he fed the wire from the Kitchen light to the second floor. He drew a line where he would like to cut so that he could create a Channel for the wire to go. This is for the kitchen light. He made a V shaped channel (Don't cut too deep because this is thin plywood). This wire was then fed through a hole in the front wall to go out. Henry laid down some masking tape on top of the wire to make if stay flat and flush.



Henry is now installing the bathroom wall. He looks thin but, he has muscles under that sweater :banana:


Henry installed the hardwood floors for the 2nd bedroom. He is so proud of himself. I put to coats of clear varnish on the floor.




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