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The Beginnings of side paneling (Emerson Row)

Ms. Mini


Well I did some more work on the ER yesterday, but not a whole lot. I started doing the side paneling on the bottom of the front side. I havent gotten my hbs order yet, so i used my left overs from my willowcrest :banana: silly me didnt think ahead when i glued on the front panels.. the bottom part that hangs past them (not sure what this is called) was glued to the side of the wall!! so i couldnt put a straight piece of side panel through :blink: so i had to use 2 pieces instead, bummer. Here are some pics of what i have done so far...




so yep thats all ive done so far. nothing to exciting. im still going with an off white for the exterior.. but i dont know.. i might go forest green or something like that. im worried that if i do white it will looking funny in pictures. i will however be doing the brick trim around the edges of all the windows. and if i make the structure itself white i will make those probably a grayish color. what do u think?


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