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How to Remove Excess Wallpaper



Because this house has double hung windows, cutting the wallpaer at the windows is a bit tricky. You have to trim the wallpaper large enough for the double hung windows to go in, and sometimes the wallpaper doesn't want to come off the wall when you trim on the inside. Like so:


I've already used a razor blade to cut around this window to where I want the wallpaper to be. So, to remove that paper that didn't come off I take a wet washrag--not dripping but good and wet--and wipe it along the paper so that I get the paper throughly wet. Let it sit for a minute to soak up the water.


Then I just take my fingernail and scrape off the paper. You may have to re-wet the paper several times to get it all to come loose.


After you're done getting that excess wallpaper off, then go back over that area with the wet washrag to finish removing any bits of paper and remove the glue that's there.


Now, the kitchen window was a bit more tricky, because that paper was stuck on that wall good! So, I've cut where I want to remove the excess wallpaper with my razor blade.


Then I just wet the paper good with the wet washrag, let it sit for a minute to loosen. Then I again just use my fingernail to scrape off the paper. Once the pattern portion of the paper is off, I just continue to wet and scrape, until it's all gone.


Compliments of LPCullen


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LOL Holly! You and I are both very used to playing with wallpaper, but there are a lot of people who are not. Although you and I knew that, I figured some people might not, so I thought I would show how we do that!

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and I, for one, am glad you did! :p Detailed instructions never hurt...the ones that I find annoying are the ones that assume I know the basics of a technique, something that is not always true!!! Thanks for taking the extra time to make everything very clear.

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You can glue the windows on top of the paper. However, you're still going to have to trim the paper from the window opening itself. Unless you want to pre-cut it. I just never do that as it's easier for me to trim the windows out after the wallpaper is installed. Everybody has to find their own "groove".

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