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Lots of Glue (Emerson Row)

Ms. Mini



The house is using ALOT of glue. but thats ok because its a very strudy house. I havent had a single problem yet. "Knock on wood" Ive pretty much been following the instructions the entire way, and they are SO easy to follow. there are even hand drawn pictures of what you are supposed to be doing. cant beat that! :banana:

So I started out adding a little bit more glue to the sides of the 3rd floor bottom. Then I started to attach the 3 pieces of each bay window...

Before I glued i gave each piece a good sanding, then dry fitted to make sure it fit! Then I laid it down with the back side face down on the table. I figured this would be the easiest way to let the glue dry without having "drips' . Then While the edges of the first piece were drying i pressed down to make sure there would be no gaps.


the other 2 pieces fit together great, there were a few tiny gaps, but if the glue doesnt fill it in i will use a little woody puddy once it dries.


I repeated these steps with the other bay window as well. I used blue tape to hold down the edges while they dried.


After about 30 mins i stood the house up right again.


Then i turned the house around so that I could see the interior. I added some glue along the bay went bench edges.


Here is a side profile veiw of the exterior...


and last but not least, a picture of the exteior without the blue tap on!


I'm actually considering NOT putting the roof on. There is a san fran hotel that i am kinda basing my exterior on and it doesnt have peaked roofs. it has a flat one. i know id be giving up an entier level of rooms. but i think it might make it "original" so we'll see. i do i will build a brick arch to go around the top.




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You did good.

I am creepy up behind you..slowly slowly slowly..Ahhhh!

ROFL okay I am better now. I am going to be glueing those pieces on today after I finish reading in here and drinking my coffee.

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