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The finishing touches to the White Orchid

Ms. Mini


Welp Ive been seriously busy this morning! I had to make up for no mini building this past week!

I worked on my Emerson row too, but I wanted to post about my White orchid first!

So basically the exterior is finished now. I glued all the windows and attached them... Added all the trim. And I finished up the ivy on the roof! I bought my ivy from michaels, it came in a big box with nothing but ivy leaves. I was going to cover the entire roof but i think that would have been a litte to "over kill".


On the roof that is on the back i decided just to add a "trim" of ivy. at first i put a bunch of sunflowers on the back to, but it really just made it to busy..


I might add a few more touches here and there, but for the most part this house is done. I do however still need to make the furniture!



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