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trim trim trim




I gathered all of my punched out peices and those that were stained got installed

all of the windows! :blink: ....NOT

nooo I had all of them done but for the sills and the fancy stuff on top :banana:blog-9-1169253983_thumb.jpg

sooo I had me a staining session.blog-9-1169254099_thumb.jpg

and how I wish that this was all of it but Im afraid I missed some. but now I have all of the window trim and doorways and most of the stair rail...dont have it all installed but I did manage to finish the double windows blog-9-1169254129_thumb.jpgand the doorsblog-9-1169253878_thumb.jpg

so thats where I am as of tonight. I have painted the roof as my Aunt has decided she wants to do some stuff on the house. so she will shingle it. :wub:

she also will be doing the baseboards and crown molding and now wants lights :(

she wants to pick it up in march.


nutti :wub:



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