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still plucking along




after months of doing other projects and getting them out of the way

I rolled miss Lily back into work room and started adding all the trim.

it is the trim of this house which gives it its special look and there is ALOT of it.

now once again I want to stress


you think you will remember where you leave off but you wont.

as I am so close to being finished my plan is to go floor by floor and completeing the windows and the trim. as I go. the first floor will be first as I cannot install the porch rails untill the windows are finished off.

a trip to Hobby Lobby for more door knobs...misplaced the jagillion I already have

now for the photos

blog-9-1168461655_thumb.jpg blog-9-1168461719_thumb.jpg

here is a photo of the trim layers(verge)blog-9-1168461737_thumb.jpg

blog-9-1168461757_thumb.jpghere is the house with most of the verge and trim on....you do remember what I said about lableing?

blog-9-1168461803_thumb.jpgthis is what my widows will look like. that is my trial run

oh another small peice of advice...write down somewhere what color stain was used and paint because if you do like I did you will not remember and have 2 or 3 different stain colors. :banana:

I did stain most of the window trims but have alot more to do...try to do this in small sessions it will make the big job seem smaller


nutti :blink:



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