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The Trims and such... (White Orchid)

Ms. Mini



First off.. Happy New Year Everyone! :banana: I wish you all a wonderul successful year!

So since this was a 3 day weekend i wanted to take the opportunity to work as much as I could on my White Orchid because I would really like to get back to work on my willowcrest.

So I started on attached the porch railings, trims, and the rest of the roof...


After that I turned the house around and glued down the upstairs hardwood floors. This didnt take much time at all. And I think it came out looking pretty good...


after that I attached the back side of the roof. from their I glued together the downstairs kitchen bay window.


Thats all Ive done so far.. I might go back in there and work a little later. But my finger is still pretty messed up so my use of my left hand is pretty limited.

Anyways please let me know what you guys think! I always love to hear your opinions!

-Jenny :blink:


Silly me for thinking I was done working on the WO for the night.. I ended up going back to my work station and got quite alot done. I finished gluing all most of the trims, and built and attached the staircase...



And last but not least, a "group" shot with my Willowcrest :wub:




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