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Day 3 and 4 Of the White Orchid

Ms. Mini


ok where did i leave off last time? well im not sure so I will just do a general update. The downstairs is completely wallpapered and the hard wood floors have been glued down.



after I was done with that I glued the 2nd floor on and began wallpapering the upstairs.


Tonight I started to work on the exterior some more. I started off gluing the porch base together and attached the railing, door frame ,etc.


adding all the trim was very easy. the instructions were very straight forward and i didnt need to do much if any repairing at all.


and last but not least I hurt myself pretty badf tonight :wub: All week caleb has been telling me to be careful with my new exacto knife.. and tonight while i was triming the edge of wallpaper my handf slipped and the exacto knife went straight through the side of my middle finger. :blink: its pretty bad, i took out a really big chuck of skin. im hoping i dont need stiches. we are going to my moms house in the morning to help her take down her lights and im going to have her taker a look at it (shes a nurse) so we'll see. anyways on top of that we are out of bandaids!!!! :wub: so i had to use some gauze and some of my blue tape :banana:


anyways so that is all for tonight. im sorry i didnt type much, i know this entry is mostly pictures. But my finger is hurting :( (also please excuse all typos as well, lol)

good night everyone!


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