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And now she has Wallpaper! (White Orchid)

Ms. Mini



Wow I got ALOT done tonight.. I am very pleased with my results :banana:

So lets see.. Last night, I finished punching out all the pieces and put them in their labeled bags.

Tonight... tonight i went to michaels and had myself a little shopping spree :blink:

I bought some wallpaper, some glue, some spools of thread for decoration and a few other things.

O ya i guess i should mention what the theme of this house is.. well before I do that let me introduce ...


Tinkerbell, the White Orchids new resident :wub:

This will be "Tinkerbells Cottage" the outside will still stay true to its beauitful whiteness. but the inside will be homie, and will have the appearance of tinkerbells hideaway.. the furntiure will be a little big for her, spools of thread everywhere, thimbles, sewing needles. There will be ivy and flowers growing all along the side of the exterior. Its going to be very cool!

So tonight I started out gluing the 3 main pieces together. I had bought some quick drying glue and when I put the first bit on the base i realized that it was not clear glue... opps. so i will not be using this glue.


after that i started wallpapering the living room walls. I used my quick dry glue and my exacto knife to trim the window frames and the sides of the walls.


after i was finished wallpapering the kitchen and living room i glued down the wood floors...


After the floors and the wallpaper was glued down i put the sparkly transparent wallpaper i bougt for the downstairs ceiling..


After that dried i attached the 2nd floor base to the house, let it sit and dry for a few mintues and began to wallpaper the upstairs.




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