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The beginnings of my White Orchid

Ms. Mini


Last night I just couldn't resist... I opened up my White Orchid box!! And let me tell you I am in LOVE with the material it is made of!! :wub: No mess, easy to punch out, this house is going to be a dream to build!!

So I started out seperating all the pieces and putting them in labeled zip lock bags. Its very refreshing to work on a little house after taking all the pieces out on my willowcrest. So much easier to orgainze and start.


I totally recomend the zip lock bag orgainzing method. Very trackable. On each bag I put:

-the name of the pieces

-the sheet they are from

That way I can just refer back to the instructions if i dont remember where it goes!! its idoit proof!! :banana:



Well thats it for now :wub: But I will mostlikely be updating this again tomorrow since I plan to work more on this beauty tonight! :blink:


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