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11th Session, 27-30 November



The family who own the store are of Asian Indian heritage but proud citizens of the US, so much so that Mamma Ananda named her baby boy Upana Shad; so the store sign quite correctly reads "USA General Store".

I made a parlor stove for heating & cooking out of a plastic egg, a film canister cap, a medication bottle "child-proof" cap, four oval wooden beads, a jeselry finding and a Sonic drinking straw. The sub-assembly is visible in the left side of the previous post's picture of the canned goods' components. I spray painted everything with black glossy enamel when the glue was dry & attached the finding for a door with superglue after the paint was all dry. I used the Corona Concepts diningroom furniture kit to finish furnishing the upstairs:


I made foamcore diningroom chair seat cushions and covered them with scraps of the red acetate scarf.


Here are how the stove, shrine, table & chairs look:


I found an old watch dial I liked a whole lot better for the face of the case clock than the printed one that came with the kit. I stained all the furniture pieces golden oak except the clock trim, I went with red mahogany for that. I used glass beads for hinges and knobs for the hutch base doors (which are fake).


I made curtains for the end windows out of the red flowered scarf and had enough scraps to glue to an acetate package "blister" shaped like a bathtub & just the right size to fit under the bathroom dormer window. I made a surround from foamcore and covered that with some vinyl shelf liner with little red flower buds (or strawberries?) all over it. I sculpted a lavatory & commode stool from white polymer clay in flower shapes and sprayed them white when they were baked. I covered a restaurant jelly packet with some of the vinyl for the WC tank: blog-8-1166895482_thumb.jpg

When I installed the fixtures I made the mirror over the lavatory using an idea I got from a "Crate & Barrel" catalog:


Finally, here, at last, is the USA General Store in all its stoned & shingled glory:



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Holly: You've done it again. I love your store. But even better, I like your innovative ways and tutorials on how to make things. Congratulations on a job well done.

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Holly - congratulations on completing your Orchid.

As always you have such a vivid imagination and take it through to fruition.


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